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ceraco ceramic coating GmbH

Ceraco ceramic coating GmbH was founded by Dr. Robert Semerad in 2012.

He started working on high temperature superconductor (HTS) films at the Technical University of Munich in 1994. After finishing his thesis he was with THEVA Gmbh, which has been established in 1996 by W.Prusseit, R. Semerad and other HTS experts. At THEVA Dr. Semerad was head of the wafer coating department which supplied numerous companies and universities worldwide with high quality, large area superconducting thin films. THEVA films soon became a brand in the superconductor community.


In 2012 THEVA decided to focus on coated conductors and the wafer coating unit was transferred into a new company, ceraco ceramic coating GmbH.

Ceraco uses the approved deposition systems and quality control equipment from THEVA, which are operated by the same engineers as before.

ceraco ceramic coating GmbH
Rote-Kreuz-Str. 8
85737 Ismaning
Phone: +49 89 9233 4637
Fax: +49 89 9233 4610

Visit us at ASC 2020 in Tampa

28.06.- 03.07.2020



ceraco is member of the EFDS (European Society of Thin Films)



ceraco is partner in the project ARCADE, dedicated to devolp new architectures for P2X, to defossilize Energy Systems.

The project is funded by PtJ.

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