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In close collaboration with partners we cover the entire HTS material spectrum from fine powder, targets for PLD or sputtering to sintered ceramics or melt-textured blocks.  



The results of sputtered or Laser-ablated YBCO films depend crucially on the target quality.
We supply high-density (87-90%) HTS deposition targets with customized composition and doping for Laser ablation (PLD) or sputtering of metal oxide compounds.

Melt-textured disks and blocks

Melt-textured HTS disks and blocks with high magnetic pinning forces are available especially for magnetic levitation applications or demonstration kits for magnetic levitation or the Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect.

ceraco ceramic coating GmbH
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Visit us at ASC 2020 in Tampa

28.06.- 03.07.2020



ceraco is member of the EFDS (European Society of Thin Films)



ceraco is partner in the project ARCADE, dedicated to devolp new architectures for P2X, to defossilize Energy Systems.

The project is funded by PtJ.

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