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Ceraco has a worldwide reputation as premium supplier of  high temperature superconducting films. Stringent quality assessment and a superior cost/performance relation provide a strong backing for the product development of our customers.

Ceraco fabricates all kinds of REBa2Cu3O7 - films (RE = yttrium or rare earths). The properties of HTS – films required for certain applications can vary considerably and hence there is no standard HTS–film satisfying all the different specifications. However, Ceraco offers an easy selection of different film types tailored for specific applications, e.g. for RF-filters or –antennas, magnetic field sensors (SQUIDs) or superconducting electronics.

Please download our technical data sheet here:

data sheet HTS coatings
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ceraco ceramic coating GmbH
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ceraco is member of the EFDS (European Society of Thin Films)



ceraco is partner in the project ARCADE, dedicated to devolp new architectures for P2X, to defossilize Energy Systems.

The project is funded by PtJ.

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