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Functional coatings for a variety of applications


Research on complex oxides is usually performed with PLD or sputtering. While these are perfect tools for basic research, a scale-up to large area deposition with high volume deposition rates is often difficult.

Ceraco’s coating technology allows large area deposition of a variety of complex oxides. Beside REBCO typical examples are perovskits with special ferroelectric or magnetic properties or electrolyte films for high temperature fuel cells (SOFC), like gadolinium doped ceria (GDC).

With years of experience in thin film coating Ceraco has the experts to address all coating-related issues such as adhesion, diffusion and electrical contacts.

ceraco ceramic coating GmbH
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ceraco is member of the EFDS (European Society of Thin Films)



ceraco is partner in the project ARCADE, dedicated to devolp new architectures for P2X, to defossilize Energy Systems.

The project is funded by PtJ.

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