Large Area High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) Films



Soon after the discovery of HTS materials scientists tried to produce it in form of thin films on suited substrate materials. In the 1990s a group at the Technical University of Munich - one of them is the founder of ceraco - developed an unparalleled route using thermal co-evaporation which outperformed other common techniques like sputtering or PLD.

The main advantages of this process are the large deposition area and the excellent homogeneity of the coatings. Further, it allows growth of double sided films and is suited for all commonly used substrate materials.




HTS films are used in a very wide field, ranging from power applications to microwave filters and electronic devices. It is not surprising that also the requirements for the films vary significantly depending on the application. Due to our long experience of over 20 years ceraco can help you to choose the right specifications like film thickness and morphology as well as the perfect substrate material.