Large Area High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) Films



Ceraco is the most experienced manufacturer of High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) films worldwide. For more than 20 years we provide our large area YBCO films to companies and research institutes on all continents. As we are familiar with all common HTS applications we can find the perfect solution for your requirements.
Regardless if you need large area films in high volume or just a few small samples for basic research, Ceraco is the right address. We also offer solutions for further processing, like patterning and cutting of wafers, so that you can order a product ready for application.


HTS films are used in a very wide field, ranging from power applications to microwave filters and electronic devices. As consequence also the requirements for the films vary significantly depending on the application. Due to our long experience of over 20 years ceraco can help you to choose the right specifications like film thickness and surface morphology as well as the perfect substrate material.


In the following chapters we try to supply you with more information about YBCO film types, substrate materials and foundry service. If you miss any information you need, please let us know.