Substrate Size


The large deposition area of ceraco´s deposition concept is unique for HTS coatings. As the deposition area is 23 cm in diameter, we can deposit on twelve pieces of 2" wafers, five pieces of 3" wafers or three pieces of 4" wafers in one run.
Beyond that we also can coat substrates of arbitrary size and geometry.


Specially designed substrate holders can be fabricated within a couple of days.

Alternatively, we also can cut coated wafers in the shape or dimension you need.



Here is a selection of our standard substrate holders with substrate dimension and batch quantity:

(of course also a lower number of substrates can be ordered as well)


Substrate dimension   batch quantity   Shape
Ø 30 mm 30 pcs circular
Ø 2 inch 12 pcs circular
Ø 3 inch 5 pcs circular    
Ø 100 mm 3 pcs circular    
Ø 150 mm 1 pcs circular    
Ø 200 mm 1 pcs circular    
10x10 mm 60 pcs square
20x20 mm 48 pcs square    
25x25 mm 36 pcs square    
40x40 mm 12 pcs square    
50x50 mm 8 pcs square    
75x75 mm 4 pcs square    
100x90 mm 2 pcs rectangular    
120x20 mm 6 pcs rectangular