Patterning of YBCO films requires a certain amount of experience due to the special properties of the material. The same holds true for cutting YBCO coated substrates like MgO or sapphire. The good news is that you don´t need to care about.

For patterning Ceraco offers in-house wet etching (>10µm linewidth) or external service by IPHT located in Jena via LN-cooled Argon Ion-milling (down to 2 µm linewidth). High quality chromium masks can be procured by ceraco from qualified suppliers after receiving your layout electronically (dxf or other common file types).
Dicing is done by specialised companies in Germany.




If you want to do patterning yourself, ceraco will supply you with the information you need. This holds true for etching the YBCO films as well as removing the gold on top of the YBCO.